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Have you been looking for a way to use your wizarding power to summon a magical creature? Would you like to be able to have an animal companion by your side wherever you go? If so, then consider using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition spell “Find Familiar”.

Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) is one of the most popular role-playing games in existence. In this complex game, players can take up various character roles and embark on epic adventures. As part of the game’s magic system, wizards and sorcerers lost access to powerful spells-one of which is “Find Familiar”, a spell that lets them summon a magical creature from the Otherworld.

The “Find Familiar” spell from D&D 5th edition offers players an interesting way to take advantage of their wizarding powers. Not only does it allow you to gain a loyal companion who can aid in battle; it also gives your character an interesting edge during adventurous moments. In this article, we will explore how to use “Find Familiar” and all its benefits thoroughly.

If you’re looking for a way to add an extra layer of challenge and fun to your DnD 5e game, look no further: the Find Familiar spell is here! This spell allows a wizard to summon an ethereal familiar, taking on the form of many animals that can assist with tasks, help you explore dungeons and, most importantly, act as loyal companions. In this blog post we’ll show you how to get started with the Find Familiar spell in DnD 5e.

1. Choose which animal form you want your familiar to take

The first step is choosing what type of creature your familiar will be. You can choose from a bat, cat, raven, or snake – so pick the one that’s right for you! Each choice has its own unique benefits; bats provide flight and darkvision, cats grant stealth and +2 bonus to Perception checks, ravens grant telepathy and advantage on Insight checks, while snakes provide immunity to charm effects and poison damage.

2. Select which type of abilities your familiar will have

When selecting a type of creature for your familiar you’ll also need to decide which abilities they will have. Depending on the size chosen (Tiny or Small) familiars get either two or three cantrips (spell-like magical abilities) respectively. Additionally familiars can also use one action per turn to cast charm person or sleep spells at enemies within 30 ft as long as their masters spend at least 1 sorcery point.

3. Comfortably bind yourself with your new arcane ally

After deciding on a species and abilities it’s finally time to establish an unbreakable bond between you and your companion. To do this successfully requires a ritual known as the Pact of Familiarity where both participants tie themselves together magically using sorcery points during an 8 hour ceremony until they become soulbound partners in combat and exploration alike!

4. Take advantage of all their perks by utilizing them effectively

Now that everything is set up correctly it’s time to put all these tools into motion by utilizing them efficiently during battles! Your pet can act independently from its master in order to scout ahead for potential hazards like traps or ambushes while still aiding its master in battle with tactically placed spells like charm person & sleep if necessary – even when traveling through hostile environments where being visibly human would otherwise be unwelcome!

Who Gets This Spell?

Find Familiar is a powerful spell that can be accessed by many different classes. Wizards, Eldritch Knight fighters, and Arcane Trickster rogues all have access to the spell as part of their class features. Warlocks can learn it by taking the Pact of the Tome or Pact of the Chain. Arcana Domain clerics can cast it through their Arcane Mastery feature, but only if they take the wish spell. Additionally, anyone can use a Ring of Spell Storing to cast Find Familiar.

The spell is not limited to those who learn it through their class. Bards, Druids, Eldritch Knights, Arcane Tricksters, Pact of the Tome Warlocks and Pact of the Chain Warlocks can all access this spell. Characters with 13 or higher Intelligence or Wisdom can take the Ritual Caster feat to gain access to this spell as well. Wildshape druids have an optional feature called Wild Companion which allows them to cast this spell without expending a slot.

Setting-Specific Options: Theros

Theros introduces a unique feature called Supernatural Gift. This allows players to gain access to powerful abilities that are normally unavailable at 1st level. These gifts can range from magical spells, to the ability to turn invisible, or even the power of flight. However, with the DM’s permission, players can opt out of taking a supernatural gift and instead take a feat at 1st level. This opens up a variety of options for players who want to customize their character’s abilities and make them stand out from the rest.

For example, if a player wants their character to be able to cast spells without having to invest in spellcasting classes or feats, they can take Magic Initiate or Ritual Caster as their feat at 1st level. This allows them access to two cantrips and one first-level spell of their choice from any class list.

Why Learn to Find Familiarity?

Learning to Find Familiar is a great way to gain an extra set of eyes and ears in the world. A familiar can be used as a scout, taking the Help action to grant advantage on attacks, or even delivering letters or interacting with the world in ways you cannot. It can also deliver touch spells, providing a great benefit.

Find Familiar is a 1st-level conjuration ritual that summons a spirit in animal form to serve you. The familiar acts independently but always obeys your commands and can take other actions as normal, though it cannot attack. You can communicate with it telepathically and temporarily or permanently dismiss it. You can only have one familiar at a time, and you can choose from the list of forms. Your familiar can deliver spells with a range of touch as if it had cast the spell, and when delivering a spell that requires an attack roll, you use your attack modifier for the roll.

Different Types of Familiars

Familiars are a staple of Dungeons and Dragons, providing magical assistance to their masters. The most common type of familiar is the one granted by the Find Familiar spell, which allows a caster to summon a spirit in the form of an animal. These familiars can be used as scouts, spies, or even just companions. Pact of the Chain familiars are more powerful versions of these standard familiars with special rules and abilities.

In addition to these standard familiars, there are also variant, special, or unique familiars that serve NPCs. Abyssal Chickens are tiny demonic creatures found in Descent into Avernus, while Almiraj are rabbits with unicorn horns found in the Tomb of Annihilation adventure path. Gazer familiars are tiny beholders found in Volo’s Guide to Monsters and make great early warning alarms due to their fly speed and detect invisibility and poison sense abilities.

Thus, this really comes down to personal preference but all creatures summoned offer some form of utility compared to others so choose wisely what creature best suits your style of play – just remember each has their own unique stats/abilities so do research beforehand in order to make educated decisions!

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